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In 1920, Stephen W. Meader's first book, The Black Buccaneer, was published, opening up an exciting world of adventure to generations of young readers. Writing in long hand on a lap board, Meader penned 44 books between 1920 and 1969, each filled with real life heroes, colorful history and exciting exploits. He loved to write books for children.

Southern Skies, in cooperation with the Meader family, is honored to have the opportunity to preserve Stephen Meader's writings and to publish his books for collectors and generations of readers around the world.

Now, in addition to the T-Model Tommy favorite, Southern Skies is proud to offer forty-four titles with which to intrigue your son, grandson, daughter, granddaughter, niece, nephew or other young person in your family. Stephen W. Meader is the classic children's writer for all times. These books will make a nostalgic keepsake of the hours your father or grandfather spent thrilling to the heroic tales spun by Meader.

Be sure to check out our special sale page, it includes some of our very favorite titles at prices that will make it easier for you to share these amazing classics with all of the precious readers in your life! All of the books in our collection are available for immediate shipping, so you won’t have to wait to pass these classic books with the next generation of Meader fans.

Introduce your son, grandson, daughter or granddaughter to this classic adventure writer for all times. Surprise your father or grandfather with a nostalgic keepsake of faithfully reproduced editions of Stephen Meader's adventures for young people.

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